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FellowMatch is an innovative service provided by IPhO, designed to connect highly qualified PharmD candidates with world-class pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and industry service companies.
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IPhO Student Pharmacist Members can reach multiple FellowMatch sponsors from around the country to seek out Fellowship opportunities, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Submit Materials Easily

The flexibility of the FellowMatch 3-step candidate assessment system allows students to submit requested candidate materials in advance so that FellowMatch sponsors can review and screen candidates, and determine whom they wish to interview, all within the easy-to-use FellowMatch sponsor dashboard.

Get a Jump on Midyear

FellowMatch enables well- qualified students to easily engage with interested FellowMatch sponsors well in advance of December. This can improve students’ productivity and efficiency during onsite interviews at Midyear.

Video chat interviews

Initial or late stage video chat interviews can be scheduled and held all within the FellowMatch platform. This may help students reduce expenses during the Fellowship recruiting process.

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FellowMatch sponsors can improve the efficiency of their fellowship recruitment process by triaging candidates on their own time-frame and optimizing their efforts at Midyear.

Accessing Candidate Pool

Sponsors can take advantage of the flexibility of the FellowMatch 3-step candidate assessment system, review and screen fellowship candidate materials and determine whom they wish to interview, all within the easy-to-use FellowMatch sponsor dashboard.

Why wait til Midyear?

FellowMatch enables sponsors to easily identify and engage with interested and qualified candidates, well in advance of December, the traditional timeframe for interviewing candidates.

Video chat interviews

Whether early-stage screening or late-stage in the official selection process, interviews can be scheduled and executed entirely within the FellowMatch platform to ensure that your company reaches candidates who cannot afford to attend the Midyear meeting.

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Important Information for Sponsor Companies:

The email address and password provided upon account creation will serve as your FellowMatch login information. All correspondence from FellowMatch, including notifications of receipt of candidate materials, will be sent to the email associated with the account.

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FellowMatch FAQ

Do you have any questions regarding the FellowMatch process? Click here to read our FAQ.

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