FellowMatch Candidate FAQ

What are the main benefits of FellowMatch for candidates? Why should I consider utilizing it?

It can be very challenging to know what Fellowship positions are being offered this year. It is also advantageous to make your candidacy known to Fellowship sponsors prior to the Midyear meeting. FellowMatch now makes it possible for you to view positions available from participating Fellowship sponsors, and also to submit requested candidate materials for their review. Competition for Fellowships is greater than ever, so getting a jump on Midyear activities and gaining exposure can be very advantageous. Depending on what the Fellowship sponsor's recruiting objectives are, they may want to contact you to learn more about your candidacy, and possibly even ask you to submit all materials that would be necessary for them to make a selection decision.

Who can utilize the FellowMatch service as a candidate?

FellowMatch is available to hundreds of IPhO student pharmacist members. If you are graduating in 2016 and aren't a member yet, please investigate all of the benefits and services for IPhO members including our "Guide To Fellowships at Midyear," which contains some very helpful tips and advice. In addition, all registered guests of IPhO are able to view the posted positions.

What are the main benefits of FellowMatch for Fellowship sponsors?

Competition between organizations for Fellows is greater than ever. There are now 270 Industry Fellows in the US, and over 160 open positions this year. Fellowship sponsors participating in FellowMatch have the flexibility to decide whether to utilize any or all of the following candidate engagement strategies:

  • Request that candidates supply CVs and/or Letter of Intent only
  • Request that candidates submit a more robust set of materials
  • Identify and prioritize candidates of interest for further recruiting actions
  • Contact and engage candidates who have expressed interest
  • Schedule and conduct online videochat screening interviews
  • Request that certain candidates submit letters of interest or other materials directly to the sponsor
  • Contact candidates to organize interviews at Midyear
  • Fully utilize the FellowMatch system as their new applicant portal
  • Select and make offers to candidates prior to Midyear

Is there a maximum number of positions for which I can submit materials?

Although it is highly recommended for candidates to focus on their specific areas of interest, there is no limit on the number of candidate submissions at this time. This practice will be re-evaluated periodically.

How soon can I start utilizing FellowMatch and is there a deadline?

Get started NOW by following the easy steps outlined by FellowMatch. Candidates are encouraged to submit requested materials as soon as possible after positions are posted to maximize the period of time that their candidacy can be considered by Fellowship sponsors. FellowMatch has no established deadline for candidates to submit materials, but sponsors may provide information to candidates about individual program deadlines.

What materials will I be asked to submit?

It will vary for each position. Sponsors can choose which materials to request from candidates, including one or more of the following:

  • CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • Transcript
  • Reference list

Will I supply letters of recommendation and references through FellowMatch?

FellowMatch is not designed to manage candidate recommendation letters. Instead, it more closely follows the commonly accepted and timely practices of today's employment market. Most employers only contact references if a candidate reaches the final selection stage. Through FellowMatch, sponsors can request that candidates supply information about their references, including name, contact information, and employer, in case sponsors desire to contact them at some point. Pay close attention to the requirements of each individual position. This year, Fellowship sponsors wishing to collect letters of recommendation for any (or all) candidates would do so independently of FellowMatch.

After I submit materials, when will I hear from the Fellowship sponsor?

The sponsor will be immediately notified when your materials are submitted, and you will also receive an email confirming submission (if necessary, check spam and gmail promotions tab!). At that point, all subsequent communication will take place directly between the sponsor and the candidate, not through IPhO.

Will some Fellowship sponsors utilize both FellowMatch AND the standard Midyear processes?

Yes. The FellowMatch service was created to complement and enhance any organization's existing Fellowship recruiting processes, including Fellowship sponsors who wish to review candidate information prior to the Midyear meeting. Some companies may complete their selection process prior to Midyear, but many will utilize both FellowMatch AND the Personnel Placement Service (PPS) at Midyear.

If I submit materials to a Fellowship sponsor via FellowMatch, do I still need to proceed with scheduling interviews at Midyear via PPS?

Under most circumstances, yes. However, candidates should take note of any special interviewing instructions provided by a Fellowship sponsor. Some participating FellowMatch sponsors may elect to conduct candidate interviews outside of Midyear/PPS. Any candidate who has not already secured a Fellowship position before Midyear is encouraged to participate in PPS interviews.

How do I view a list of available fellowship positions?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Identify Sponsor(s) you are interested in. Select "View Offerings." View a list of positions they have posted.

How do I submit materials to a position(s) of interest?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Select Sponsors. Locate desired position from list. In the right column, look for "Ready to Apply?" and select the position you would like to submit materials for. Select "edit" to complete the required data fields and upload pdf materials required by the Sponsor. Select "Browse" to search for pdf files saved on your device. Remember to select "SAVE."

How do I view and/or edit my submissions in progress?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Select My Submissions. Select Applications in Progress. Locate desired position from list. In right column, look for "Submit Your Materials" and "Required Documents." Materials already submitted are followed by a green check mark. Those not yet submitted are followed by a red "x."

To edit or modify materials prior to submission, select "edit," make desired changes/uploads, then select "SAVE." You may not edit materials after they have been transmitted to the Sponsor.

How do I view a position(s) for which I have submitted all required materials?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Select My Submissions. Select "All Materials Submitted" to see list of positions. To review submission details, select "view."

How do I see a position(s) I have viewed but have yet to submit materials?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Select My Submissions. See list of positions. To review submission details, select "view."

How do I schedule a videochat with a Sponsor?

  • Only Sponsors can request videochat interviews.
  • When a Sponsor requests a videochat, you will receive an invitation at the email account you used to register with FellowMatch.
  • The email will direct you to the FellowMatch website to "select this slot" from among the timeframes proposed by the Sponsor. When you have selected one of the available options, both you and the sponsor will receive an email confirming the future time and date for the videochat.

How do I join an already scheduled videochat with a sponsor?

Make sure you are using Google Chrome. Visit the Candidate dashboard. Select My Interviews. Select Future Interviews. At the appointed time, under "Video Chat" select "Join Chat." When/if prompted, select "allow use of video camera." Enter videochat and view video of yourself and the sponsor side by side.

Note: Until the Sponsor initiates the scheduled videochat, you will see "not live" displayed. When they initiate the video chat, this will change to "join chat."

How do I reschedule a videochat with a sponsor?

Visit the Candidate dashboard. Select My Interviews. Select Future Interviews. From the list, identify the interview you would like to reschedule. Under "Modify," select "Reschedule This Interview." You will be prompted to offer times that you are available and an automated email will be sent to the sponsor. When the sponsor confirms the new time slot, you will receive an automated email confirming it.

How do I view a list of pending videochat interviews I have asked to reschedule?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Select My Interviews. Select Pending Interview Requests and view the list.

How do I view a list of videochat interviews I have participated in?

Visit the candidate dashboard. Select My Interviews. Select Archived Interviews and view the list.

I can't connect on video. What should I do?

Make sure you are using Chrome. As a candidate, you are unable to initiate a videochat. Only the sponsor can do that. lso, make sure that you have selected "allow use of video camera" when prompted. If problems persist, the sponsor/interviewer should contact you on your cellphone immediately to conduct the interview or reschedule.

Is FellowMatch accessible on mobile devices?

Most of the experience is essentially the same on mobile as it is on desktop/laptop. However, the videochat feature is NOT accessible on a mobile device. You should be able to access other FellowMatch elements on your phone or tablet. It should also be noted that it may be difficult to upload certain documents from a mobile device since PDF is the required format.

How will I know when positions are no longer accessible?

Sponsors are asked to edit the status of their position from "Recruiting" to "Recruiting Completed" as positions are filled. You can check the status of any position under the "My Submissions" column.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

All questions regarding your candidacy should be directed to the respective Fellowship Sponsor. If you have general questions regarding the FellowMatch service, please contact us using our contact form located here.