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Each episode will introduce a new leader in industry who will share information about his/her role, relevant experiences, and advice for listeners looking to advance their industry career. The podcast hosts, Sergio Gatoulis, Alex Schepart, and Brian Arana-Madriz, have nearly 20 years of combined industry experience and know what it takes to transition from pharmacy student, to industry fellow, to industry pharmacist—so you'll find something interesting no matter where you are in your journey. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy the show!

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Meet the Hosts

Sergio Gatoulis

Sergio is currently a Medical Director at a large, multinational biopharmaceutical company with a focus in genitourinary malignancies, including renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Prior to this, he was a Senior Director of Global Clinical Research with a primary area of responsibility for two pipeline Rx-to-OTC switches. He has held several other similar positions in Global Medical Affairs and Clinical Development, and completed his Rutgers post-doctoral fellowship in Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations. With a long-standing passion for technology, he also supported a New Ventures team in the scouting of new opportunities in the digital health space and is an avid tech hobbyist in his free time.

Sergio received his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He continues to be active in the field of pharmacy, serving on the leadership team of the Industry Pharmacists Organization since its founding. He has served as a preceptor for Rutgers fellows, mentored numerous talented young professionals, and has led the Rutgers Fellowship Program at his current company.

A New Jersey native, he lives in Morris County with his wife and young son. He has a diverse set of interests outside of pharmacy and enjoys spending his time learning new things.

Alex Schepart

Alex is a third generation pharmacist who graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences with a PharmD and the University at Buffalo School of Management with an MBA.

Upon graduation, he completed a two-year fellowship in Global Medical Affairs with the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship program where he enjoyed the opportunity to learn from extraordinarily talented and motivated individuals, partner with faculty on interesting research projects, and teach within the pharmacy school. As a result of this experience Alex embarked on a career in Medical Affairs which has been simultaneously challenging and rewarding, yet has positioned him to achieve two of his highest professional priorities: support the well-being of patients and help students and young professionals find their paths and achieve their goals.

Alex lives in New Jersey with his incredible wife and two young sons. When not working, you’ll likely find him and his family cooking together, enjoying the great outdoors, or cheering for their hometown Buffalo Bills and Sabres.

Brian Arana-Madriz

Brian graduated from Mercer University College of Pharmacy with his PharmD in 2022. He is currently the first year Global Regulatory Affairs Fellow at Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease, a global biopharmaceutical company. Brian is passionate about leveraging his clinical and scientific knowledge to bring life-changing therapies efficiently and effectively to patients battling rare diseases world-wide. Brian will serve on the National Fellows Council where he will focus on expanding the IPhO podcast to provide an engaging resource for pharmacy students and fellows.

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