Direct-to-Industry Career Opportunities

About Direct-To-Industry Career Opportunities

Many aspiring industry pharmacists believe that the only way to land a role is through a completing a fellowship, but did you know that more than 80% of pharmacists working in industry never completed one? If pursuing a fellowship feels like the right path for you, you should absolutely take the steps necessary to prepare yourself (and we can help!). But you should know that there are alternative options and opportunities for you if you do not secure a fellowship position. Direct-to-industry roles are a popular option for PharmD graduates to begin their career and learn skills necessary to advance. Below is a carefully curated set of resources to help you make the transition from pharmacy student or clinical pharmacist to the pharmaceutical industry.

Entry-Level Industry Jobs for PharmDs

If you’re looking to break into industry without a fellowship, you are in the right place! IPhO is pleased to provide you with a list of direct-to-industry job opportunities, updated frequently! Here, you can search by company and/or position name and view recent postings to optimize your chances of applying early and securing a role. Be sure to sign up for alert emails to be notified each day that new positions are added!

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Analysis of Direct-To-Industry Jobs Among 2021 PharmD Graduates

This resource analyzes Class of 2021 PharmD graduates who obtained a direct-to-industry job, as well as the employers they now work for. Review the results of this research study to learn more about roles you can (and should!) evaluate as you consider next steps in your career. If you're a visual learner, check out this dashboard, which allows you to filter and review the data in different ways.

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Industry Pathfinder

Industry Pathfinder is a unique set of resources to help pharmacy students and PharmD graduates looking to break into industry and advance their career. Industry Pathfinder will break down the following industry elements to help you build your path, whether it includes a fellowship or not: key functional areas in industry for PharmDs, skills necessary to excel in industry, and steps you can take to prepare for your industry career.

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Paths to Industry Stories

One of the best ways to learn about how to break into industry WITHOUT a fellowship is by hearing how others did it! These stories were all submitted by pharmacists who secured a direct-to-industry role, and they provide key information about how they prepared, who they reached out to, and what transferable skills/experiences they highlighted during their application process.

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Industry Career Coaching

IPhO Career Coaches have spent the past 10 years working with nearly 1,000 clients looking to advance in the pharmaceutical industry. This includes students and clinical pharmacists looking to break into industry without a fellowship. Coaching sessions can help you develop and evaluate your industry CV, prepare for your interviews, evaluate functional areas, and much more. Meet our coaches and learn more!

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Don’t let the title fool you! This comprehensive digital guide contains an entire chapter on what to do if you don’t land a fellowship. And much of the advice shared for how to prepare for a fellowship applies to direct-to-industry roles as well. Get your copy!

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Industry Q&A

If you have a question about preparing for the direct-to-industry application process, ask us! A member of the IPhO leadership team will respond to your question so you know you are getting a reputable, experienced answer!

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Industry Employer Catalog

This catalog includes a listing of the top Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Medical Advertising Agencies, Medical Communication Companies, and Contract Research Organizations from which to begin your search for internships, entry-level, and managerial industry positions. You'll get key information about the top industry employers and their important links all in one place!

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