Pursuing an Industry Fellowship:

Preparing for, Interviewing for, and Securing
a Post-PharmD Fellowship

A comprehensive guide by Kimberly Gittings, PharmD and James Alexander, PharmD

Unlock the mystery of how to get a fellowship

Become an ideal fellowship candidate

Stand out from
the competition

  • A comprehensive guide to navigating the Fellowship application process, including multiple tips on Midyear
  • Your roadmap for success starting from the beginning of pharmacy school
  • Includes real examples shared by fellows and preceptors
  • CLICK HERE to read more about the experienced authors. They share their wealth of fellowship and industry expertise and provide practical advice on what employers are looking for.
  • CLICK HERE to read the Preface by IPhO Executive Director James Alexander, PharmD and view the table of contents.
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  • "I purchased the book and it's such a valuable resource to help those who are trying to pursue industry careers after school. I wished I had purchased it sooner!"
    Student Pharmacist, Class of 2019
  • "I found the book to be very helpful. I wish that I purchased it earlier on in pharmacy school!"
  • "I referred back to the book several times throughout the interview process at Midyear and in preparation for on-site interviews."
  • "I got a fellowship and I highly recommend the book to all student pharmacists interested in industry."