Don't Miss the 2017-18 IPhO Industry Fellowship Analysis

The 2017-18 IPhO Industry Fellowship Analysis has been published!

The report highlights key characteristics of all current fellowship programs, such as functional area, academic affiliation and alma mater of the fellow, and 4-year trends of these data.

There are 442 PharmDs currently participating in US-based, industry-focused postgraduate fellowships, representing +17% growth versus last year.

Below is a sneak peak into just some of the findings in the publication.

Click here to view the full report and explore additional scholarly publications, presentations, industry posters, and more.

Fellows by Functional Area

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IPhO Hosts 5th Annual Event For All Fellows Nationwide

During the recent Midyear Meeting in Orlando, IPhO and its National Fellows Council hosted an exciting event for Fellows of all Fellowship Programs to network and to learn more about how to get a full time position post-fellowship. Moderated by IPhO Executive Director Jim Alexander, the program featured a series of roundtable discussions with successful fellowship alumni/industry executives who shared their insights and guidance on how to pursue a full-time position within industry.

IPhO ASHP Midyear 2017-1 IPhO ASHP Midyear 2017-11 IPhO ASHP Midyear 2017-14

(photos courtesy of Andy Szeto)

The IPhO National Fellows Council would like to thank the following table discussion leaders for volunteering their time and sharing their key insights:

  • Adrienne Aiello, Associate Director, Scientific Publications and Communications, Sanofi Genzyme
  • Keelin Dahl, Associate Medical Affairs Director, Biosimilars, Merck
  • Rob Farina, Executive Director, Field Medical Health Systems, Merck
  • Sergio Gatoulis, Director, Global Clinical Research, Pfizer Consumer
  • Aansh Jarmarwala, Senior Associate, Global Regulatory Strategy, Takeda
  • Ahmad Khan, MSL, Multiple Sclerosis, Sanofi Genzyme
  • Elvis Osei Tutu, Manager, Global Regulatory Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Lucie Vu, Senior Manager, Medical Communications & Publications, Cytokinetics
  • Alex Wei, MSL, Medical Affairs, Alnylam

IPhO would like to thank Sanofi Genzyme for its generous support of this event!


Stay tuned for more IPhO networking events in the near future!

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UT-Austin Joins IPhO National Network

IPhO is pleased to announce the addition of another new student chapter to our growing national network!

Texas Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.31.56 AM

Congratulations to student pharmacists at The University of Texas - Austin College of Pharmacy. IPhO now connects them to a national network of 4,000 student pharmacists with similar interests, as well as a national network of 440 industry fellows and 10,000 industry pharmacists.

Several more schools are in the late stages of filing their chapter applications and will soon join the growing national network.

To start a chapter at your school, visit here.

For the student benefits of joining IPhO, view the National Student Brochure here!

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Medical University of South Carolina Joins IPhO National Network
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New! Entrepreneurs in Pharmacy Book Published

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.00.11 PM

Check out this new book about how to be an entrepreneur and start a business, and also how to become a leader in healthcare starting with a pharmacy degree.

The book features a series of chapters written by successful pharmacists who have become enterpreneurs and leaders in healthcare, including IPhO CEO James Alexander.

Order your copy HERE.

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University of Maryland Joins IPhO National Network
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phactMI Announces New Code of Practice



Thursday, August 17, 2017 - The Pharma Collaboration for Transparent Medical Information, known as phactMI™, is pleased to announce the publication of the MI Code of Practice. Written by phactMI members, the Code of Practice provides pharmaceutical-company MI professionals with standards to guide their responses to healthcare professional requests.

“The MI Code of Practice articulates standards that Industry MI professionals follow in responding to questions about their respective products,” says Dominick Albano, Vice President, Global Medical Information, Pfizer and Board of Directors, phactMI. “It reflects the integrity with which we approach our work, which supports the safe, effective, and appropriate use of medicines, thereby ultimately benefiting patients.”

MI professionals have access to scientifically accurate, up to date information on their products. As such, they are able to support healthcare professionals in their commitment to provide quality patient care. The Code of Practice provides guidance to MI professionals centered on three core elements:

  • Clinical and pharmaceutical expertise
  • Scientific balance of medical responses
  • Quality standards

“I think it is important that Healthcare professionals who utilize industry MI services or who are considering using MI services know who we are and what we stand for,” continues Albano. “I think the same is true for patients and caregivers. The Code of Practice helps provide this understanding and can serve to increase trust.”

The phactMI Code of Practice can be accessed at:

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Ramin Farhood Discusses the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)


MAPS, the Medical Affairs Professional Society, is a non-profit global society of Medical Affairs professionals across a spectrum of fields, experience and locales. I chose to be a part of MAPS because it is the only society BY Medical Affairs professionals, FOR Medical Affairs professionals. Medical Affairs as a designated function has only been around for about 25-30 years which is relatively young compared to other functional areas in the industry. I believe in the vision of MAPS to elevate the role of medical affairs to be an equal partner to other functions, and lead the industry in the education of customers for the greater benefit of patients.

maps 2

Pharmacists such as myself in the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from MAPS by expanding their understanding of medical affairs from true industry leaders, and networking through engaging professional events. I encourage you to explore the opportunities and resources that MAPS can provide you!

Visit HERE to learn more about MAPS!

Best Regards,

Ramin Farhood, PharmD, MBA, Vice President and Head, Global Medical Affairs, AveXis, and MAPS Executive Leadership Committee Member


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What Does Patient-Centricity Mean for Industry Pharmacists?

Authored by Alyssa Bowling, PharmD, Medical Information/Medical Affairs Fellow 2016-18, MCPHS University. The views and opinions represented below are those of the author alone, and should not be attributed to any organization with which the author is employed or affiliated.

A decade ago, the idea of “patient-centricity” in pharmaceutical industry was brand new; however, it has quickly become commonplace in nearly every company. It seems that conversations take place daily to evaluate how companies can shift focus from viewing patients as merely customers to instead seeing them as the group that drives and directs company initiatives. Rather than communicating solely with healthcare professionals to discuss products, the industry is moving toward engaging patients to better understand their personal experiences and to uncover unmet needs.

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IPhO Introduces 6 New 2017-18 National Student Officers (NSOs)

We are pleased to formally introduce our 2017-18 National Student Officers (NSOs). The competition for these prestigious leadership positions gets higher every year as the number of pharmacy schools with approved IPhO Chapters has now reached 50!

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