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There are 100 local chapters in the ever-expanding IPhO National Network!

This page is a resource for starting a new student chapter. Within this page there are several materials you can download, including our new chapter checklist, and several other beneficial documents. Please click here to request a copy of our Student Chapter Application document.

IPhO Student Brochure

Benefits of Starting a Chapter/New Chapter Checklist

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IPhO Guidance Documents

IPhO & AMCP Comparison
IPhO & DIA Comparison
IPhO National Membership Rates

Best Practices for New IPhO Chapters

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"My local IPhO chapter helped connect me with other industry-minded colleagues. School curriculum typically does not cover non-traditional career options for pharmacists and through meeting speakers and in-person events, I was able to gain better insight into what industry entails. My local chapter also helped me meet pharmacists in industry that helped me grow my network early on. IPhO chapters have the unique ability to help connect interested students to resources and industry pharmacists that may otherwise be unattainable without an industry presence on campus."

Michael Schaefer
University of Florida, Class of 2022