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IPhO is the organization whose pharmacist members are universally recognized within the pharmaceutical industry as being the most professionally equipped to contribute to the development, commercialization, promotion, and optimal use of medicines.

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Alyssa Lowder, PharmD, RPh, MBA
October 22, 2020

Alyssa Lowder

Company: Sanofi Genzyme

Current Role: Manager, CLDP Program

Alma Mater: University of Florida College of Pharmacy, Gainesville Campus

Going into college for the first time, I always knew that pharmacy was the end goal. But through some serendipitous circumstances, I ended up majoring in business finance while completing my pharmacy prerequisite courses. Over the course of those 4 years, I ended up falling in love with business; so much so that when I entered pharmacy school in 2015, I was determined to integrate it into my future career.

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What is deep work and why is it important to master?
October 14, 2020


2020 has been an unprecedented year – from natural disasters, to a global pandemic and a push for significant societal change. With so much activity within the external environment, it can be quite challenging for work-from-home employees to focus on their work assigned. For example, according to an article from Medium, employees working on their computer are distracted once every ten and a half minutes. (Medium, 2017) In addition, it can be a tough transition from pharmacy student life to the virtual working world for many pharmaceutical industry fellows. The topic of “deep work” is pertinent to many as we adjust to this space in addition to the numerous distractions that surround us. Distractions can include the news, social media, our cell phones, families, and even our professional engagement activities. Many influential individuals such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and even the late Steve Jobs incorporated deep work rituals in their daily lives and credit this skill for their overwhelming success.

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Company Spotlight: RXE2
October 8, 2020

Clinical research today faces many challenges, from lengthy recruitment periods and poor clinical study outcomes to waste in clinical supplies.

Involving pharmacists as stakeholders in clinical research allows for the creation of new solutions to these long-standing issues.

RxE2 will be disrupting clinical research and creating thousands of jobs specifically for pharmacists in industry, benefiting communities around the world.

Watch the video above and visit the RXE2 website to learn more about how this innovative company is making a global impact with pharmacists at the forefront.

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