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IPhO publishes scholarly research posters, manuscripts, presentations, review articles and expert commentaries, letters, and encore poster presentations that are relevant to experienced industry pharmacists, post-doctoral fellows, students pursuing an industry career and stakeholders within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

IPhO welcomes submissions for potential publication. Materials are subject to review by knowledgeable and experienced reviewers and editors, and will be accepted for publication if they are deemed to represent an important contribution to the industry pharmacy practice literature. Materials accepted for publication become the property of IPhO but may also be published elsewhere with the permission of the lead author and IPhO.

Submission Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

How is "scholarly" defined?

A scholarly work presents new or innovative ideas and commentary based on original research or experimentation. Most scholarly works undergo peer review, a process whereby experts in the field critique and approve materials before they are published, resulting in a body of quality, scholarly information in the literature.

Are IPhO scholarly publications peer reviewed?

Yes. Our professionally respected team of industry pharmacists, IPhO staff, members, and collaborators conduct the peer reviews.

Are IPhO scholarly publications backed by a professional organization?

Yes. IPhO is the only professional organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the careers of industry pharmacists. The vision of IPhO is for industry pharmacists to be universally recognized within the pharmaceutical industry as being the most professionally equipped to contribute to the development, commercialization, promotion, and optimal use of medicines.

After materials are submitted, when will they be published?

If submitted materials are accepted for review, the author will be notified by email. Peer review will take place within thirty (30) days from the date of notification. After 30 days, the author will be notified of one of the following options: (1) The manuscript is accepted for publication without further changes from the author; (2) The manuscript is accepted for publication in principle once the author has made some revisions in response to the reviewers' comments; (3) The publication decision on publication is deferred and requires more communication with the author; (4) The manuscript is rejected because the reviewers have not found the author's claim to be adequately established.

What is the readership potential for IPhO scholarly publications?

The IPhO network includes thousands of industry pharmacists and pharmacy students, as well as more than 500 industry fellows.

Are IPhO scholarly publications accessible online?

Yes, anyone registered on the IPhO website can view the publication.

Why does IPhO accept encore posters and presentations?

First presentation of data is not always accessible to all relevant audiences. Industry pharmacists may be unable to attend certain industry conferences, but they remain very interested in hearing about the latest developments relevant to their discipline or therapeutic area. Posters and papers submitted for encore publication through IPhO may not be modified from the previously presented/published version.

Do authors need to be IPhO members?

Yes, at least one listed author must be an IPhO national member. In addition to the current benefits and services that include professional development, coaching, networking, and access to jobs, IPhO members will now have access to this industry-focused scholarly publications vehicle.