360+ Fellowship Prep

  • 1-year IPhO membership (Individual price $99)
  • Single session with IPhO coach of your choice (45 minutes) (Individual price $65)
  • Discuss and determine functional areas of interest
  • Evaluate various career pathway opportunities (fellowship and non-fellowship)
  • Engage in an intensive CV review
  • Develop a list of resources to consume to help achieve career goals
  • Mock interview and evaluation with IPhO coach of your choice (45 minutes) (Individual price $65)
  • Copy of fellowship ebook “Pursuing an Industry Fellowship” (Individual price $30)

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to the comprehensive Fellowship Catalog, which contains a list of current fellowship positions, and is searchable by host company, affiliation, and fellowship type
  • Access to Midyear/Fellowship Preparation Toolkit
  • Access to “IPhO Guide to Fellowships at Midyear”
  • Access to “Navigating Midyear” Video
  • Access to “Interviewing at Midyear” Video
  • Access to Fellowship Central, your one-stop-shop for all things fellowship
Pay for: "360+ Fellowship Prep"
360+ Fellowship Prep

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