Camille Pope, PharmD

April 10, 2015

Company and Department: Abbvie, US Medical Affairs
Current Role: Senior Medical Science Liaison
Alma Mater: Florida A&M University, Class of 2007

My industry journey began with an internship at AstraZeneca the summer before my third year of pharmacy school. I pursued the internship after my older brother (who did not have a medical background) obtained a position as a sales representative with a leading pharmaceutical company. He told me that pharmacists worked at his organization to provide medical training and support for their representatives. I had no idea that these types of roles existed for pharmacists and was intrigued by the thought of being able to use my clinical knowledge to educate non-medical industry employees. I discovered that AstraZeneca offered a program specifically geared toward exposing pharmacy students to various functional areas. It was during my AZ marketing internship that I learned about other departments such as Medical Information and Regulatory Affairs.

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