Industry Pharmacist Success Stories

An Interview with Dr. Aaron-Albert Hargrove, PharmD

July 27, 2023

Dr. Aaron-Albert Hargrove, PharmD
Manager - Central Clinical Services
Eli Lilly
LinkedIn Profile

What was your motivation to pursue the pharmaceutical industry as a career path?

As a student, I worked in retail and hospital pharmacy. I became engrossed in various pharmaceutical journals and medical reviews. The therapeutic indications were fascinating, however, the data never reflected on the everyday population that I continuously served. So, I immediately saw a need and I knew the pharmaceutical industry is where I could make the biggest impact.

Talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the pharmaceutical industry; what should companies be doing to continue making progress?

Companies should continue advocating for DEI efforts. They need to realize that this is a movement, not a moment. Pamphlets/brochures with diverse ethnicities aren't enough. They should have diverse leadership on every level of the organization.

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