Industry Pharmacist Success Stories

An Interview with Jateh Major, PharmD

March 19, 2023

Dr. Jateh Major, PharmD
Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs Oncology
Bristol Myers Squibb
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What was your motivation to pursue the pharmaceutical industry as a career path?

I had many motivations to pursue the pharmaceutical industry and particularly regulatory affairs as a career path. When I was completing my APPE rotations as a pharmacy student, I had a rotation with AbbVie pharmaceuticals in regulatory affairs advertising and promotion. I learned so much from that experience and I saw the continuous growth, in knowledge but also in opportunities for career advancement, which I found appealing. I gravitated towards regulatory affairs because this function attaches you to innovation in new therapies, new mechanisms, new technologies, etc. This made sense to me as a career path, as I was always excited to lead/work on new projects throughout pharmacy school.

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