Fellow Feature

Featured Fellow: Kevin Darko, PharmD

July 28, 2022

Kevin Darko, PharmD
Alma Mater: The University of Tennessee
Fellowship Sponsor Company/Affiliation: UCB/IPhO
Fellowship Duration: 2 Years (2022—2024)
UCB Function/Discipline: Global Regulatory Affairs
IPhO Function/Discipline: Fellow Co-Lead, Diversity & Representation National Initiative

Why did you choose Regulatory Affairs as your functional area?

When I started pharmacy school, I knew that my goal was to pursue a career within the pharmaceutical industry, due to my experience working in a drug synthesis lab for two years during my undergraduate education at Bowie State University. However, my decision to pursue a career in Regulatory Affairs was made during my third year of pharmacy school when I enrolled in the Duke Office of Regulatory Affairs training program. I gained an in-depth look into the drug development process, FDA meetings, and how FDA drug regulation impacts drug development strategy applied in clinical studies. Seeing firsthand how collaborative Regulatory Affairs was as a functional area, and how Regulatory Affairs professionals were involved during every step of the drug development process, truly solidified my decision as I’m an individual who must see how all the pieces come together to lead to great results. Regulatory is also an enriching career path because it’s our job to ensure we can stay compliant with regulations and provide safe and effective products for patient use worldwide. One of my top priorities in life is to do impactful work, and Regulatory is a career field filled with impact!

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