Industry Pharmacist Success Stories

An Interview with George Jackson, PharmD

May 11, 2022

George Jackson, PharmD

George Jackson, PharmD
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Medical Science Liaison
Specialty - Renal Anemia

What was your motivation to pursue the pharmaceutical industry as a career path?
My answer is multifactorial. Previously, I worked as an ambulatory care pharmacist, improving patients' lives; however, my impact was limited to only a few patients. As a medical science liaison (MSL), my role allows me to be part of a team that provides scientific support to hundreds of healthcare professionals impacting patient care on a national and global scale. Though improving patient outcomes is paramount in what we do in our roles, self-care is also imperative. My role as an MSL provides an outstanding work-life balance contributing to good physical and mental health and allowing more time to be present for family. Furthermore, base salaries and total compensation are very competitive as well.

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