Student Leader Spotlight

Student Leader Spotlight: Megan Kirkpatrick

March 7, 2022


Megan Kirkpatrick
2021-22 IPhO National Student Officer, Internship Director
The Ohio State University
Class of 2022
Incoming Visiting Scientist Fellow with Eli Lilly and Company

My name is Megan Kirkpatrick, and I am the current National Student Officer – Internship Director with IPhO. I will graduate in May 2022 with my PharmD from The Ohio State University and will be an incoming Visiting Scientist Fellow with Eli Lilly and Company!

I knew I was interested in industry from my first year of pharmacy school but did not know how many unique areas existed within industry. That is where IPhO stepped in and started to fill the gaps through my local chapter. I did not want my involvement to stop at a local level, as I knew there were more opportunities to explore on a national level with IPhO. I applied and was fortunate enough to land the NSO role I currently hold.

This NSO role has not only provided me numerous industry transferable and leadership skills but has also provided me a vast network of industry professionals and like-minded students to foster life-long relationships with throughout my career. My IPhO National Student Leadership position was crucial during my fellowship interviews, as I found myself answering many questions based on my experiences within IPhO. I highly recommend an NSO/RSO role to any student interested in pursuing a future in industry!


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