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Advice from an Incoming Azurity Pharmaceuticals Fellow: Melanie Hendricks

February 10, 2022


Melanie Hendricks
South College
Class of 2022

What did you learn as you went through the interview process?
Going through the fellowship interviewing process can be daunting. While it is important to research each company and position you apply to, you should put an equal amount of time into ensuring you know yourself. It is important to practice common questions that will likely be asked, but you do not want to be scripted. The interviews with the most positive results were the ones in which I was able to be myself. In one interview I was asked “How many Taco Bells are there in the United States?”. There was no way I could have prepared for this question!

This is a two-way process. There are interviews that you will attend where you immediately know that this company is probably not the best fit. That is okay! Evaluating the fellowship program is equally as important as evaluating the current fellows and preceptors to determine what your daily work environment may be like.

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