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Just Released! 2021 Direct-to-Industry Analysis

February 3, 2022

If you're looking to enter industry without a fellowship, don't miss our newly-released direct-to-industry analysis, now available on the IPhO website. From this publication, you'll learn about the roles that were most common for the 276 Class of 2021 graduates who entered industry without a fellowship, along with details about the employers that hired them.

We've shared many times that roughly 80% of pharmacists currently working in industry never completed a fellowship. And we continue to reinforce that statistic because it's important that graduating pharmacy students know that a fellowship is not the only way to launch an industry career!


Thank you to the publication authors:

  • James G. Alexander, PharmD
  • Srayant Gayam, PharmD Candidate
  • Myra Sheikh, PharmD Candidate
  • Sarah Mathre, PharmD Candidate
  • Gwang-Wen J. Hu, PharmD Candidate

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