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Advice from an Incoming Alnylam/Northeastern Fellow: Amira Yusuf

January 11, 2022


Amira Yusuf
Midwestern University College of Pharmacy
Class of 2022

It is with immense gratitude … I will be spending the next two years … I am excited to finally announce … that I have accepted a Global Patient Safety and Risk Management Fellowship with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Northeastern University.

Posting that was an out-of-body experience. Not because I did not think I would get a fellowship—I worked incredibly hard to be an undeniable candidate on and off my CV. It was because I never saw this part. The celebration, the triumph, and the peace of getting high enough to see where the path is heading. The reality is the pursuit of STEM as a Palestinian American. Arab. Muslim. Woman. is a lonely path. I am happiest knowing I can now be a guidepost. You are on the right track if you:

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