Industry Pharmacist Success Stories

An Interview with Danny Talati, PharmD

November 12, 2020


Danny Talati, PharmD
Lead, Business Development
ATAI Life Sciences AG

When did you decide that you wanted to work in industry versus retail/hospital?

I went to Northeastern University’s direct pharmacy program. During my 4th year, we would have co-ops where we would take a semester off to work in a real-world setting. I worked at CVS and an independent pharmacy, eventually realizing retail was not for me. I was always interested in business and I minored in business during my undergraduate education. So I wanted to seek an industry opportunity, but my pharmacy school’s co-op department had no connections with biotech companies. I was flipping through an alumni book and learned about an alum who worked at a pharmaceutical company in California. Fortunately, they had an opening and I temporarily moved to San Francisco to work at Alza Pharmaceuticals for 6 months in medical information. During this experience, I had great mentors and learned a lot.

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About the Author
Jayson Karuna
Jayson Karuna is a current fourth-year pharmacy student who is passionate about the pharmaceutical industry. He is heavily involved in efforts to promote the awareness of Alzheimer's disease and has created a social media page to share industry-related news and information.