Student Leader Spotlight: Reba Doohkie, IPhO Regional Student Officer

July 24, 2020


Hi everyone, my name is Reba Doohkie and I attend the University of Florida College of Pharmacy (go gators!) with an anticipated graduation year of 2021. I am currently the South Atlantic Region Regional Student Officer for IPhO.

During my first year at UF, I attended my first IPhO meeting and decided to get involved as an active member. I quickly discovered that industry is the career path for me. I began my second year as the Director of Communications and stayed involved the year after. By attending their meetings with guest speakers and participating in the VIP Case Competition, I was able to learn more about non-traditional pharmacist roles. What interests me the most about a career in industry is that there are many options to choose from, yet they are all connected by a common goal to deliver affordable medications to patients in need.

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