Nada Yassein, PharmD

March 3, 2020


Company: ETHOS Health Communications

Current Role: Medical Writer

Alma Mater: University of South Florida College of Pharmacy

Make no mistake, getting into industry is as rewarding, as it is difficult. My goal during pharmacy school was to explore all paths a pharmacist could take in order to get a better understanding about what I wanted to do. I started my career in a traditional role as a retail pharmacy intern. I found myself uninspired and undervalued. It was from here I was determined to pursue alternative options that would fulfill my never ending desire and passion to grow.

After my first year of pharmacy school I became an intern at Elsevier/Gold Standard where I started to learn about the nontraditional roles available to a pharmacist. I learned the impact a pharmacist had on drug information, which sparked my interest in further understanding what pharmacists could do within a drug company. I applied for a rotation at Bristol-Myers Squibb, which helped me understand the importance of a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry.

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