Fellow Feature

Megan Gower, PharmD

December 14, 2019

Megan Gower

Fellowship Sponsor Company: UNC/PPD

Function/Discipline: Clinical Research & Drug Development

Fellowship Years: 2019—2021

Alma Mater: South College School of Pharmacy, Class of 2019

Starting out in pharmacy school, I really wasn’t aware of all the career opportunities for pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. I always imagined that I would pursue a career as a clinical pharmacist. However, with a bit of luck, a research assistant position opened up in my program’s pharmaceutical sciences department, and I had the opportunity to take an elective course detailing the drug development process. It was through those opportunities that I became interested in researching career paths for pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. It was also how I first discovered IPhO. IPhO was an incredible resource of information that helped me learn about the different roles in industry and decide on the role that I felt fit my interests the best.

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