Fellow Feature

Mary Nwokedi, PharmD

June 9, 2020

Mary Nwokedi

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Eli Lilly

Function/Discipline: Global Regulatory Affairs: US and International Policy and Strategy

Fellowship Years: 2019—2020

Alma Mater: Howard University, Class of 2019

Prior to pharmacy school, I coordinated pharmacology research projects in a translational medicine lab. Intrigued by the drug development process and clinical trials, I sought a career change that would allow me to explore those areas. A doctorate in pharmacy was the perfect fit for me because of the sheer amount of fellowships available at pharmaceutical companies post-graduation. While in pharmacy school, I took a clinical pharmacology internship in South San Francisco with the intention of learning about common functional areas for pharmacists. Regulatory affairs stood out to me, due to the role's liaison nature between the company and regulatory agencies. Additionally, I’ve always been interested in global roles and held two global leadership positions for the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) on the Public Health Committee.

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