Fellow Feature

Dane Osmond, PharmD

October 14, 2019

Dane Osmond

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Allergan, University of Southern California

Function/Discipline: Clinical Development

Fellowship Years: 2019—2020

Alma Mater: Keck Graduate Institute, Class of 2019

I knew early-on that I wanted to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Before pharmacy school, I earned my certificate in Clinical Trials Design and Management while working as a Clinical Research Associate at a hospital. From that experience, I met pharmacists working in industry and was introduced to this unique career pathway. What attracted me most about Clinical Development was the opportunity to work with investigational drugs in clinical trials. Working with data that is unknown from a clinical perspective resonated with the skills that I developed during my undergraduate studies. It was a natural transition for me to pursue Clinical Development after pharmacy school.

IPhO played an important role for me throughout pharmacy school. I was involved with the Keck Graduate Institute chapter, which started during my P2 year and I served on the executive board. I also participated in the VIP case competition and became a national student intern. IPhO provided me a network of industry professionals and exposed me to the various roles that pharmacists assume in industry. Additionally, IPhO guided me throughout the fellowship application process (which is getting more competitive every year). I joined the National Fellows Council not only to help pharmacy students but also to give back to the organization in any way possible.

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