Life After Midyear: The To-Do List You Don't Want to Miss

January 1, 2019

Even though Midyear is behind you, there is still work to do! Some of you may already be embarking on your onsite interviews. Others may be searching for new fellowship opportunities. Wherever you are, check out the list of post-Midyear tips below to make sure you continue on as strongly and confidently as possible. Best of luck!

Continuing to Establish Connections

  • Be sure to send thank you cards and/or emails to all team members who interviewed you onsite. Being so far into the process, these thank yous will help keep you fresh in the minds of those you met.
  • Never stop networking! Continue to reach out to fellows/industry professionals to learn more about how to get your foot in the door, whether it be through applying for contract positions or other fellowship opportunities that arise post-midyear.

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