IPhO and SNPhA Collaboration Going Strong!

August 17, 2018

IPhO and Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) continue to build upon their strong foundation of professional development resources, created to advance the skills of student pharmacists interested in pursuing an industry career.

The partnership was established to grow the leadership skills of the student members of both organizations by creating a series of learning opportunities, all of which are and will continue to be available on the IPhO website. The first professional development webinar, "Leadership and Industry Pharmacists," was delivered to a group of SNPhA pharmacists, and can be viewed here. Its success and value to the audience in attendance reinforced the need for additional resources of this kind.

About the Author
Melissa Rodenbach
Melissa Rodenbach serves as the Director, Marketing and Communications for IPhO. Among other marketing roles, Melissa previously worked with the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program, where she helped establish the brand's social media presence and email marketing strategy to engage and connect current and prospective fellows.

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