Tyler Valente, PharmD

November 17, 2016

Sanofi Head Shot 2

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Sanofi (Rutgers)

Function/Discipline: Strategic Marketing

Fellowship Years: 2016-2018

Alma Mater: St. John's University, Class of 2016

During my time at St. John’s University College of Pharmacy, I was employed by a retail pharmacy chain, as many student pharmacists are. Because of my love of communicating with people, patient counseling was always something I thoroughly enjoyed and took pride in at my hectic 24/7 store. To put this into perspective, I was selected by my university to compete nationally in the 2015 APhA-ASP National Patient Counseling Competition in California. In addition to my self-proclaimed “people skills,” I knew I had creative tendencies with a strategic mindset, and wanted to find employment that best utilized these skills. I was able to leverage my strengths to obtain marketing jobs with the CEO of a nutraceutical company and the VP of a continuing education company. These collective experiences showed me that it was possible to combine both my knowledge of health care and my desire for creativity and innovation. During my pharmacy rotations, I was fortunate enough to spend time at the FDA, Pfizer, and American Regent. At these sites, I was exposed to completely new aspects of pharmacy and built a solid foundation for understanding how the pharmaceutical industry functions. I developed an appreciation for industry, determined that this was where my skills best fit, and finally concluded that the pharmaceutical industry was the right career path for me.

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