Daniel Boulos, PharmD

October 20, 2016

2016 Headshot

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb (Rutgers)

Function/Discipline: Oncology Medical Science Liaison, Medical Information, Clinical Trial Operations

Fellowship Years: 2015-2017

Alma Mater: University of the Sciences, Class of 2015

Having grown up in a low-middle income family out of Jersey City, NJ, I didn’t know much about what existed in the professional world. This simple upbringing presented me with a few challenges when I started working with professionals during my P4 year. Thinking that was tough, imagine then how I felt at the ASHP midyear meeting with hundreds of suited candidates just like myself, all prepared with their binders and their interview game faces. However, what I quickly realized was that I was just as qualified as any other candidate. Moreover, if I was going to stand out, I would have to be someone that nobody else could be. Myself. Only then did I find the program that fit my personality and one whose objectives were in line with my own.

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