Aksh Sharma, PharmD

June 14, 2016

aksh-headshot (1)

Company and Department: GSW Advertising, inVentiv Health

Current Role: Associate Scientific Director

Alma Mater: Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University 2013

During the spring of 2016, I came to a pivotal place in my career path and decided to engage a professional coach at IPhO.

The IPhO Coaching Service helped me clarify my early career goals, customize my CV, review potential positions, and navigate the interview process including reviewing specific job offers.

Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, RPh and VP of Professional Development and Coaching helped me to thoroughly analyze my professional interests and to establish appropriate short, medium, and long term career goals. I had strong clinical and analytical experiences throughout my pharmacy rotations and was able to secure a 24-month contracted position in drug safety after graduating from pharmacy school. While I could have built upon this initial industry experience to secure another similar position, it became clear to me that I desired to switch tracks and pursue new opportunities in marketing and collaborating with scientific, clinical, and creative teams. In discussing this with my coach he impressed upon me that going directly from a position such as drug safety to marketing was nearly impossible and that we would need to methodically identify the steps over the next several years to make that possible.

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