Kay Uttech, PharmD

April 6, 2016


Company and Department: Baxalta, Business Operations
Current Role: Senior Director
Alma Mater: University of Wisconsin and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

When asked how I got to where I am today, I reflect that many of the roles in my career were not even an idea in someone’s mind when I left pharmacy school. My background in Pharmacy has provided me with strong scientific acumen and a solid understanding of business, and I have found that the pharmaceutical industry is the perfect place to bring these attributes together.

After graduating, I completed a fellowship at East Carolina University in Geriatrics and later became Senior Fellow in Pharmacogeriatrics at Duke University, while also working as adjunct faculty for the University of North Carolina. This was an amazing opportunity to work with the best and the brightest clinicians and researchers. Upon completing this work I transitioned to a faculty role at the University of Illinois – Chicago, where I continued refining my clinical and teaching skills. I enjoyed working with students and patients, but I was always looking to make a greater impact on patients’ lives. I saw that entering the pharmaceutical and biotech industry was an opportunity to impact patients more broadly. I cannot emphasize enough the value pharmacists with clinical practice experience bring to the industry. The foundation of clinical experience, teaching, and research are a tremendous asset in my career.

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