Professional Development

Tips for building and maintaining a network

October 1, 2012

Networking isn't something you do. It's part of everything you do.

Too often we neglect our network because we view it as an independent "to-do" and as such it usually falls lower on the list of priorities. A better way to think of it is that building relationships is at the core of all business interactions and processes. You can only accomplish so much on your own without the help of others. You might get your first promotion or two because you were technically skilled at what you do, but what about promotion to leadership roles or securing responsibility for the department's key project? Approach it by asking yourself, how do you motivate someone to help you complete your projects and deliverables? At the core of this is building and proactively maintaining relationships with your colleagues. For best results, take a customer service approach to daily interactions with your colleagues. Focus on detecting your internal customer's needs, and exceed them one conversation at a time.

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