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2022 Professional Development Week Registration is Open!
February 8, 2022

PDW Header

IPhO is proud to present a regional chapter effort in the promotion of pharmacy, industry, and professionalism.

Details and RSVP links to the FREE SEMINARS, taking place from February 22-24, can be found below!

“Service” Industry (Agency, CRO, Consulting)
5:30 PM ET

Direct-To-Industry Panel: How to Land an Entry-Level Job
7:00 PM ET

LinkedIn Workshop
6:00 PM ET

How to Get an Internship
8:00 PM ET

How to Find Your Best Fit in Industry
7:00 PM ET

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IPhO News

2022-23 IPhO National and Regional Student Officer Application Now Open!
February 4, 2022

Being a Regional Student Officer (RSO) or National Student Officer (NSO) is an opportunity to get involved at the IPhO national level and make a significant contribution to help prepare industry-minded student pharmacists from across the country.

As an RSO or NSO, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills critical to pursuing an industry career including:

  • Acquiring industry knowledge through development and participation in IPhO Leadership Development programming
  • Enhancing your written and oral communication skills that industry values
  • Gaining extensive people and project management experience that will resonate with industry employers
  • Networking with fellows, students, and senior leaders within IPhO which allows you to be highly visible and recognized

Interviews and offers will be made on a rolling basis, so don't wait to apply!


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IPhO News

Just Released! 2021 Direct-to-Industry Analysis
February 3, 2022

If you're looking to enter industry without a fellowship, don't miss our newly-released direct-to-industry analysis, now available on the IPhO website. From this publication, you'll learn about the roles that were most common for the 276 Class of 2021 graduates who entered industry without a fellowship, along with details about the employers that hired them.

We've shared many times that roughly 80% of pharmacists currently working in industry never completed a fellowship. And we continue to reinforce that statistic because it's important that graduating pharmacy students know that a fellowship is not the only way to launch an industry career!


Thank you to the publication authors:

  • James G. Alexander, PharmD
  • Srayant Gayam, PharmD Candidate
  • Myra Sheikh, PharmD Candidate
  • Sarah Mathre, PharmD Candidate
  • Gwang-Wen J. Hu, PharmD Candidate
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Fellow Feature

Featured Fellow: Simran Randhawa, PharmD
January 23, 2022

Simran R-7719-Edit-remote (3)

Simran Randhawa, PharmD
Global Medical Affairs Fellow, Inflammation & Immunology
University of the Pacific, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy

Why did you choose Medical Affairs as your functional area?
I chose Medical Affairs because of the plethora of opportunities within the functional area to not only expand my clinical knowledge but also to expand the asset and patient care. I have always been interested in working on medical strategy, congress strategy and content, creating relationships with key opinion leaders, as well as participating in the publication of scientific abstracts and manuscripts. Medical Affairs is also very broad in the sense that there are multiple subsections, and for me that was always interesting—seeing how each part of Medical Affairs interacts with each other and cross-functionally intrigued me as well.

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IPhO News

VIP Case Competition Challenge Point Revealed!
January 17, 2022

On January 11, 2022, the IPhO National Fellows Council Student Development Committee hosted a “REVEAL” webinar to announce the VIP Case Competition Challenge Point. The Challenge Point is a scenario that chapters will have to tackle in order to prepare a successful new product launch plan.

Over 70 IPhO chapters are participating in the 2021-22 VIP Case Competition and 170 representatives from those chapters were on the webinar to hear this announcement. Now these chapters have all the information they need in order to sprint to the February 28th finish line!


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IPhO News

Just Released! 2021-22 Fellowship Analysis
January 14, 2022

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) is pleased to announce the release of its signature 2021-2022 PharmD Industry Fellowship Analysis!


There are 738 PharmDs currently participating in US-based, industry-focused postgraduate fellowships. This is an 18% increase over last year and a record number, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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IPhO News

Advice from an Incoming Alnylam/Northeastern Fellow: Amira Yusuf
January 11, 2022


Amira Yusuf
Midwestern University College of Pharmacy
Class of 2022

It is with immense gratitude … I will be spending the next two years … I am excited to finally announce … that I have accepted a Global Patient Safety and Risk Management Fellowship with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Northeastern University.

Posting that was an out-of-body experience. Not because I did not think I would get a fellowship—I worked incredibly hard to be an undeniable candidate on and off my CV. It was because I never saw this part. The celebration, the triumph, and the peace of getting high enough to see where the path is heading. The reality is the pursuit of STEM as a Palestinian American. Arab. Muslim. Woman. is a lonely path. I am happiest knowing I can now be a guidepost. You are on the right track if you:

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IPhO News

Advice from an Incoming UNC/GSK Fellow: Jinny Hur
January 10, 2022


Jinny Hur
University of Illinois Chicago, College of Pharmacy, Class of 2022
UNC/GSK Regulatory Affairs Fellow 2022-2024

What did you learn as you went through the interview process?
When we think about a job interview, we normally assume it’s a one-way process in which the company or the employer evaluates the candidates. But in fact, interviewing is a two-way process. Not only are you getting evaluated on your candidacy quality, but at the same time, you are evaluating the company to gauge if the program is going to provide the learning opportunity and the tools for you to become the industry professional that you aspire to be after completion of the fellowship.

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IPhO News

Advice from an Incoming Takeda/Northeastern Fellow: Siu Ting Lam
January 10, 2022

Siu Ting

Siu Ting "Aileen" Lam
Northeastern University
Class of 2022

The key takeaway of my story: I am an international student from Hong Kong. If I can do it, you can definitely do it too! Nothing is impossible if you are determined enough!

What did you learn as you went through the fellowship interview process?
Being an international student trying to get a fellowship offer has come with many doubts and challenges, but I truly believe that you can do anything if you are determined enough. After going through this process, I also learned that being genuine in your answers during an interview helps you stand out from others because everyone has a unique story about why they want to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and what they did in the past.

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Fellow Feature

Featured Fellow: Dimple Gandhi, PharmD, RPh
January 7, 2022


Dr. Dimple Gandhi, PharmD, RPh
Position: Medical Communications, Global Medical Affairs Oncology fellow at Takeda
Alma mater: MCPHS University, Boston

My journey to industry has been unconventional. At a young age I discovered my passion and talent for makeup, started my own business as a freelance makeup artist and genuinely believed that was the career path I wanted to follow. My interest in medicine ended up drawing me to pharmacy school, yet I questioned myself every day because I could never see myself working in the traditional career paths of retail or hospital. I used to volunteer at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where I quickly realized that I loved the challenges, innovation and impact that can be found within the Oncology disease space. After many conversations with people and trying different jobs, I stumbled upon the pharmaceutical industry through an internship, which changed the trajectory of my career. I fell in love with the industry environment and the role that pharmacists can play, and for 4 years I worked hard to prepare myself as a candidate to enter industry upon graduating pharmacy school.

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IPhO News

Relationships, Experience, and Trust Make for a Successful Coaching Combination
December 29, 2021


Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm
SVP Professional Development and Coaching
Industry Pharmacists Organization

This is the time of year when many of us reflect on those relationships that we are grateful for. Professionally, I am extremely grateful that so many students and post grads have trusted me to help them in their preparation for and pursuit of an industry career.

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IPhO News

Register Now! Spring IPhO Direct-to-Industry Virtual Career Fair
December 28, 2021

unnamed (4)

Many students believe that a fellowship is the only way to launch a pharmaceutical industry career, but did you know that roughly 80% of pharmacists working in industry never completed one? IPhO is pleased to host its inaugural direct-to-industry virtual career fair on March 1, 2022. Attendees will meet and network with prestigious employers who know the value that pharmacists bring to their organizations—and who offer roles to new pharmacy school graduates without a fellowship. All attendees can participate in group meetings with employers to learn more and ask questions. Class of 2022 attendees can also request one-on-one meetings with employers for an invaluable networking opportunity.

Note: The Career Fair is open to Class of 2022 and Class of 2023 students only.


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IPhO News

Advice from an Incoming Novartis Fellow: Madison Trauger
December 27, 2021


My name is Madison Trauger and I am a fourth year PharmD/MBA student at Wilkes University. I recently accepted a post-graduate fellowship position in Medical Affairs Medical Information/Regulatory Advertising & Promotion at Novartis in conjunction with Rutgers University (RPIF).

What did you learn as you went through the interview process?
As I continued through the interview process, I learned a lot about myself and what I was looking for in a company and fellowship. I used the interviews to ask questions about the positions to evaluate the opportunities I would have during my time there. It started to become very clear to me what experiences were important for me to have, helping me narrow down to my top programs. Additionally, it is important to see how your personality fits with those you meet. Every interview made me more comfortable and helped me prepare for the next.

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Student Leader Spotlight

Advice from an Incoming GSK Fellow: Christopher Ramdass
December 15, 2021

Chris Image

Christopher Ramdass
Wilkes University, PharmD Candidate 2022
Incoming GSK Medical Affairs Fellow

What did you learn as you went through the interview process?
Three things:

  • You are most definitely interviewing the company also. You can tell by how you carried yourself in an interview if you felt comfortable with a company.
  • Evaluate the fellows and how they handle the interview. You can learn a lot from the fellows in terms of their experiences, their growth, their communication skills, etc.
  • Be sure to stay organized at every stage of the process and with each company you are speaking to.
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Fellow Feature

Featured Fellow: Austin Mullins, PharmD
December 10, 2021

Mullins-Head Shot (1)

Austin Mullins, PharmD
AbbVie/USC First-Year Fellow: Global Medical Affairs-Evidence Solutions

What is your current day-to-day role at your company?
My days vary based on the projects I am working on and the action items at hand. I typically have plenty of meetings in the morning with directors and AbbVie leadership involved around our team's budget and ongoing studies. After my morning meetings I will complete any urgent action items needed from me for the team. My afternoons are typically spent in meetings for the projects I am working on along with getting some time to work on my projects and project managing various other activities occurring within our team. The day-to-day largely varies, as some days I work with the field team and go on co-rides with MSLs or visit local sites to discuss the progress of ongoing studies with our principal investigators.

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IPhO News

Student Leader Spotlight: Steffanny Marcellina (Former IPhO Intern)
December 8, 2021


Recently, I presented at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting for the very first time! Over the summer, I completed my internship with Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) where I was able to work on a project titled “Fellows’ Primary Therapeutic Areas and Implications for Fellowship Strategies.” I am highly appreciative of this opportunity as I gained many skills and grew as a student despite being a remote intern.

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Student Leader Spotlight

Student Leader Spotlight: Melanie Lam
December 2, 2021


Melanie Lam
MCPHS University, Boston
Class of 2022
IPhO Regional Student Officer: Cycle 2021-2022

How did you become interested in industry?
I’m pursuing a career in the biopharmaceutical industry because I find the opportunity to help facilitate innovative solutions in healthcare and drive the development of transformative medications incredibly fulfilling. I aspire to leverage my specialized clinical training as a medication expert at a medication company. It is beyond exciting to me to see what PharmDs bring to the table at these companies and how much we contribute to medical strategy in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

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Fellow Feature

Featured Fellow: Michael Spork, PharmD
November 17, 2021

photo (2) (1)

Michael Spork, PharmD
I am a second year post-doctoral fellow at Xcenda on our US Market Access Strategy team. I am also in my second year with the University of Florida Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Master’s in Science program, specializing in Pharmaceutical Value Assessment and Communications.

What is your current day-to-day role at your company?
In my current role I partner with pharmaceutical companies to improve access to their innovative products. This includes the scientific work of developing the evidence as well as creating materials to communicate this value to a payer audience. This includes working on payer value propositions, pre-approval information exchange, market research, as well as a variety of other strategic work and resource development. We work with companies pre-launch, through launch, and as an asset matures.

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Student Leader Spotlight

Student Leader Spotlight: Maria Reji
November 12, 2021


Maria Reji
Summer 2021 IPhO Virtual Intern
Midwestern University College of Pharmacy

Why did you apply for the IPhO Virtual Flex Internship?
I applied to the IPhO Virtual Flex Internship because I knew this internship would be the perfect opportunity to get an inside look into the industry realm and to strengthen the leadership skills I have learned as a student leader at my university's local chapter. I joined IPhO in my first quarter of pharmacy school and have loved every second of being involved in IPhO, from being an engaged member and a PS-1 liaison and president-elect in my university chapter. Since then, I knew I wanted to be involved with IPhO on a national level, and this internship seemed like a wonderful opportunity to enhance my involvement with IPhO.

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Professional Development

IPhO National Fellows Council Presents: Fellowship Interviews 101
November 8, 2021

It's officially fellowship application/interview season and our National Fellows Council has put together a valuable resource to help you prepare to answer the following common interview questions:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why industry?
  • Why our program?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Why this functional area?
  • What was your greatest achievement?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
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