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IPhO offers national student members of approved chapters with an opportunity to apply and participate in its Part-time Virtual Internship program!

IPhO Virtual Flex-Time Internships

IPhO accepts applications for its Part-time Flex Internship program for the Fall, Summer, and Spring cycle every year. During the internship, 5 to 10 interns will participate in priority organizational projects in the areas of marketing and market research, member resource development and training, chapter network management, and scholarly activities. The internship cycles run from approximately mid-September to mid-November (Fall), mid-January to mid-March (Spring), and June to mid-August (Summer). It is anticipated that interns will need to commit 5-10 hours per week virtually from any location. Submit your application materials online today!

2021-22 Fall Internship Submission Deadline: 09-04-2021

Recruitment is currently closed

2021-22 Spring Internship Submission Deadline: 12-18-2021

Recruitment will open on 11-06-2021

2021-22 Summer Internship Submission Deadline: 05-01-2022

Recruitment will open on 03-20-2022

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