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IPhO Annual Fellowship Analyses
An Analysis of 2019-20 PharmD Industry FellowshipsJames G. Alexander, PharmD, Giuliana Campo, PharmD, Prianka Dadhich, PharmD, Olivia Ruthsatz, PharmD, Andy H. Szeto, PharmDJan 14, 2020
An Analysis of 2018-19 PharmD Industry FellowshipsJames G. Alexander, PharmD, Andy H. Szeto, PharmD, Prianka Dadhich, PharmD, Sandeep Singh, PharmD, and Kwadwo A. Yeboah, PharmDNov 25, 2018
An Analysis of 2017-18 PharmD Industry FellowshipsJames G. Alexander, PharmD, Daniel Dipsia, PharmD, Michael Wells, PharmD, and Sandeep Singh, PharmDDec 1, 2017
An Analysis of 2014-15 Industry Fellowships and Related Experiences of PharmD Fellows Bethsy M. Jacob, PharmD, Allison Hart, PharmD, Danielle Formella, PharmD, Shane McGann, PharmD, and James G. Alexander, PharmDJun 23, 2015
IPhO Scholarly Publications
Work-Life Balance Among PharmD FellowsBrian L. Ung, PharmD; Kimberly Gittings, PharmD; Basirat Adeyemi, PharmD, BSc; Sergio Gatoulis, PharmD; Michael Aquino, PharmD CandidateJan 17, 2018
Survey of Post-PharmD Industry Fellowship PreceptorsCharles Patrick Callahan III, MS, PharmD; Vatche Demirjian, PharmD; Nehali Shah, PharmD; Jacob Oleck, PharmD; Shahista Kassam, PharmD; Steven Ren, PharmD; Paul Riyad, PharmD; James Alexander, PharmD, Enrique Seoane-Vazquez, PhDFeb 10, 2016
Student Pharmacists' Interest in the Biopharmaceutical IndustryShpilfogel N, Tyrrell B, Alexander J. Jul 1, 2015
Student Pharmacists' Exposure to the Biopharmaceutical IndustryShpilfogel N, Tyrrell B, Alexander J. Jun 1, 2015
Retention of fellows completing a one-year versus two-year industry fellowship programAlex Wei PharmD, Phyllis Lee PharmD, Megan N. Brown PharmD, Jerry Silverman RPhFeb 8, 2016
Preliminary Measurement of Students, Fellows, and Experienced Pharmacists Satisfaction with a New Professional Industry Coaching Service Lauren Bartolome, Pharm.D Candidate, UF 2017, Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, IPhOOct 28, 2015
PharmD Post-Doctoral Industry Fellowship Selection Process: What Attributes Do Students Prioritize?Alex Wei, PharmD; Dayna LeSueur, PharmD; Anastasia McManus, PharmD; Nathan Cheng, PharmD; Amy Monpara, PharmD; Angela M Partisano, PharmD, MS; James Alexander, PharmD; and Mark Douglass, PharmDMay 3, 2017
Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program Satisfaction of 2014 and 2015 PharmD AlumniKenny Ng, Sean Harrison, Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm and James G. Alexander, PharmDMar 15, 2016
PATHS to IndustryAndy Szeto, Joanne Vo, Rosemary Boshar, PharmD, Jerry Silverman, BSPharm, James G. Alexander, PharmDSep 12, 2017
Orphan Drug Designation Trends in the United States and European Union: A Regulatory Comparison of FDA and EMABrittany Dustman, PharmD, MS and Shivam Patel, PharmDApr 28, 2017
Multidisciplinary knowledge-sharing: Innovative conference structure translates into perceived meeting value and professional growthShane McGann, PharmD, Jessica Audette, PharmD, Christina Gallagher, PharmD, Ashlee Vilardi, PharmD, Edward Han, PharmD, Samantha Llanos, PharmD Jul 13, 2015
Key Program Differences Between University Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Industry Fellowship ProgramsBrittany Dustman, PharmD Candidate 2016, Temple University, Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, IPhOFeb 1, 2016
Key Challenges of Post-Doctoral PharmD FellowshipsSaba Emami PharmD, MS; Brian L. Ung, PharmD; Erika Culotta, PharmD; Helen Chim, PharmD; Kimberly Gittings, PharmD; Bridgette Tran, PharmD; Michael Aquino, PharmD CandidateJan 17, 2018
Exploring postgraduate opportunities: Innovative course offering to establish an effective avenue for pharmacy students to gain valuable knowledge of pharmacists' roles in the pharmaceutical industryJessica Audette, PharmD, Shane McGann, PharmD, Evan R. Horton, PharmD, Matt Silva, PharmD, BCPSJul 13, 2015
Description of Industry Curriculum within Accredited United States Colleges of PharmacyMarine Schmitt, PharmD Candidate, 2018, Rosemary Boshar, PharmD Candidate 2017, Sean Harrison, PharmD, Jerry Silverman, BS PharmDec 30, 2016
Demographics of Professors Teaching Industry-Related Courses within Accredited United States Colleges of Pharmacy Andy Szeto, Tayyeb Din, Marine Schmitt, Rosemary Boshar, PharmD, Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, RPhJan 4, 2018
Demographics of Current First- and Second-year Industry Fellows Zachery L. Fisher, Andy Szeto, Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, RPhJan 4, 2018
A 2018 Evaluation Update of the Industry Pharmacist Organization Certificate ProgramTrish Huynh, Nam Nguyen, Andy Szeto, PharmDNov 1, 2018
2019 IPhO National Student Meeting: P4 Attendee EvaluationsJan 20, 2020
2019 IPhO National Student Meeting: P1-P3 Attendee Evaluations Jan 19, 2020
Industry Posters: Social Media Trends
Use of social media strategies among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in September 2012Danny S. González, PharmD; Bernadette Chan, PharmD; Katherine Gorcyca, PharmD; Hiren Kachhia, PharmD; Bijan Bandani, PharmD; Joseph Barone, PharmD; Michael Toscani, PharmDDec 31, 1969
Social Media: The Pharmaceutical Industry In The Web 2.0 EraHuang D, Noormohamed S, and Nadal JDec 31, 1969
Social Media Interactions:Pharma and PatientsDec 31, 1969
Industry Posters: Industry Regulations
Perceived Impact of Physician Payment Sunshine Act on MSL InteractionsAnna Qinzhe Deng, PharmD; Justin Balint, PharmD; Michael Toscani, PharmD; Joseph Barone, PharmDDec 31, 1969
Impact of the Sunshine Act on Medical AffairsMcMillan O, Nada JC, Rametta MDec 31, 1969
Industry Posters: Misc Topics
Training Needs of Med Info ProfessionalsDec 31, 1969
Roles and Responsibilities of Postdoctoral Pharmaceutical Industry Fellows in Regulatory AffairsRyan Pennington, Pharm.D., Justin G. Moots, Pharm.D., Meron Mezgebe, Pharm.D., Markqayne Ray, Pharm.D., MBA, Andy Szeto, Pharm.D.Jan 21, 2020
Pharmacy Faculty Perceptions of the Pharmaceutical IndustryYu ES, Boggs GL, Blaetz EM, Baker RPDec 31, 1969
Key Characteristics of First Positions Obtained by Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical IndustryMatthew Hewlett, Pharm.D., MBA, Hannah Gardocki, Pharm., Bridgette Tran, Pharm., Sean Beirne, Pharm., Margaret Finnegan, Pharm.Jan 21, 2020
Evaluation of Industry-Based Medical Information Websites for ProvidersJames DeMicco, Pharm.D., Nisha Patel, Pharm.D., Rajesh Patel, Pharm.D., Evelyn Hermes-DeSantis, Pharm.D., BCPSDec 31, 1969
Evaluating the training provided within postdoctoral pharmaceutical industry health economics and outcomes research fellowshipsHannah Gardocki, Pharm.D., Kristina Barakov, Pharm.D., Markqayne Ray, Pharm.D., MBA, Meron Mezgebe, Pharm.D., Andy Szeto, Pharm.D.Jan 21, 2020
Disseminating Medical InformationC. Davis, Pharm.D., K. Yi, Pharm.D., E. Hermes-DeSantis, Pharm.D., BCPSDec 31, 1969
Current Practices Surrounding Dossier DevelopmentEstrada P, Pocoski J, Gricar J, Roychowdhury MDec 31, 1969
Associations between Standardized Personality Types and Pharmaceutical Industry FellowsGiuliana Campo, PharmD; Matthew Hewlett, PharmD, MBA; Prianka Dadhich, PharmD; Andy H Szeto, PharmDJan 21, 2020
Pharmacist Roles in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Scientific CommunicationsGunjan Patel, PharmD Novartis US Scientific Communications Fellow; Rashaad Joseph, PharmD Novartis Global Scientific Communications FellowSep 5, 2016
Safety/PharmacovigilanceStephani Strasburger, PharmD; Nicholas Heath, PharmDAug 20, 2016
Regulatory Affairs - Advertising and PromotionBrittany Dustman, PharmDJul 28, 2016
Regulatory AffairsBrittany Dustman, PharmDJul 28, 2016
Medical Science Liaison (MSL)/Field MedicalZac Post, PharmD, BCPS, Novartis US Field Medical FellowAug 1, 2016
Medical Information and CommunicationsRosa Kim, PharmDApr 19, 2016
Medical AffairsMansi Jamindar, PharmDOct 23, 2017
MarketingJoyce Cao, PharmDApr 20, 2016
Market AccessJay A. Sheth, PharmD, Access Services Fellow, SanofiOct 10, 2016
Health Economics Outcomes ResearchVictor Nguyen, PharmD, Brian Ung, PharmD, Kimberly Gittings, PharmDJul 28, 2016
Clinical DevelopmentSean Harrison, PharmDJul 28, 2016
Business Development & LicensingIkechukwu Oji, PharmD, Business Development & Licensing (U.S. Region) Fellow, Bayer Healthcare PharmaceuticalsSep 7, 2016