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Are You Too Polite? Learn the Three Faces of Communication

Can you be too nice?

A woman in one of my seminars asked if it were possible for her to be “too nice” when interacting with her employees. She told me that she often felt invisible with them. Since I teach etiquette, some of you may be surprised that I answered “Yes, you can be too nice.” Let me explain.

A few years ago I created The Three Faces of Communication model to help people understand their communication style. Everyone falls somewhere along the spectrum of Too Nice, Polite and Powerful, and The Tough One.

Do you know where you are on this continuum?

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10 Ways to Connect and Engage With People

It's Not Rocket Science! 10 Ways to Connect and Engage With People by Barbara Pachter

Lately, I have worked with a number of people with outstanding technical skills whose career growth has been limited by their inability to connect with others. They were referred to me for coaching to provide them with the necessary skills to engage successfully with coworkers, bosses, and customers/clients.

People want to hire, work with, promote and do business with others whom they know and like. If you were not born with the “gift of gab,” and many people weren't, you can still learn the skills to connect with others. Here are 10 actions that will help you to be more approachable, and to engage more easily with others in your workplace.

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Presentation Panic — Take These Steps To Avoid Running Off The Stage!

A few weeks ago, movie director Michael Bay made headlines when he abruptly left the stage during his presentation for Samsung at CES 2014, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The video of his (very short) talk and sudden exit went viral.

Since public speaking is often the number one fear that people experience, Bay’s very public meltdown when his teleprompter failed could discourage others from making presentations.

Yet, there are steps you can take that will allow you to continue with your presentation regardless of whether your teleprompter fails, your mind goes blank, or other difficulties occur. And then you can walk off the stage with your head held high, mission accomplished.

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On a Job Search? Avoid These 6 Social Media Mistakes

A couple of weeks ago, a Human Resources person took me aside after an etiquette seminar and asked me to make sure I tell people that “asking to connect with an interviewer on LinkedIn right after an interview is considered pushy.”

Her statement got me thinking. In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of any job search. My son got his first professional position by responding to a LinkedIn job posting. I have gotten clients from Twitter. Yet social media hasn’t been around long enough for people to understand fully how easy it is to make career-limiting blunders with their posts/tweets/requests.

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NEW IPhO Guide to Fellowships at Midyear

As a service to its National Student Members, IPhO is pleased to present the new IPhO Guide to Fellowships at Midyear. The Guide contains key tips from IPhO Staff and Members to help you successfully navigate the Midyear - before, during, and after the meeting.

We would like to thank Vicky Vazquez, IPhO Member and current Fellow, for her leadership in helping develop the Guide.

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Coach's Corner!
The New “Virtual” Reality: It's Friday…Where Are My Co-Workers?

If you can’t work with others remotely, you can’t perform your job well. Not withstanding the growing legions of employees who work from home on a consistent basis, every company, every employee, every project team has staff from time-to-time that is working remotely.

Why has this become so commonplace? Because technology has enabled it and employers are allowing it! Employers may not be embracing it on a full-time basis, but if it means that an employee can make a significant contribution rather than missing all or part of a work day, then it is considered acceptable.

However, there are many challenges on both sides of this equation that take careful practice in order to maintain individual, team and project productivity.

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NEW Industry Fellowship Catalog

As a service to its members, IPhO is pleased to present the new Industry Fellowship Catalog. The Catalog contains relevant information describing all industry-focused post-graduate training programs for pharmacists in the U.S., commonly referred to as “Industry Fellowships.”

We would like to thank Bethsy Jacob, an IPhO student intern and national IPhO student member, for her leadership in helping develop the catalog.

IPhO welcomes your assistance in keeping the Catalog as current and accurate as possible, so please comment below or email any suggested updates to

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Nice Offer… But I Wasn’t Looking for a New Job

I have blogged often about how to conduct a job search. Lately, however, I have been asked an interesting related question: If you receive an unsolicited job offer when you are not in an active search, how do you decide whether to accept the new position? 

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Coach's Corner!
Five Common E-Mail Mistakes

We’ve all made them. It can be very embarrassing to make mistakes in your email communications. At a minimum, you can appear sloppy and unprofessional. At a maximum, you can expend some hard earned professional capital. Unfortunately, since we spend an ever-increasing amount of time emailing our peers, supervisors, and staff, the odds of mistakes happening are significant.

Recent data from a 2011-2015 E-mail Statistics Report by The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, states that on average, the corporate employees send and receive105 e-mail messages per day.

E-mail mistakes can hurt your reputation and upset customer and peer relationships. In this column, we'll look at 5 of the most common e-mail mistakes, and provide some practical tips to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Not Editing Your Work

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Don't Let a Microphone Distract From Your Presentation

I have been asked to moderate a panel, and there's a chance I'll be holding a microphone. I'm a little nervous that my hand will shake. Do you have any suggestions?

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