Fellows Feature

Fellows Feature
Maria Nduati, PharmD

Maria Nduati_Medium

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Pfizer (Rutgers)

Function/Discipline: Oncology Medical Affairs

Fellowship Years: 2016-2018

Alma Mater: University of Southern California, Class of 2016

I first encountered pharmacists working in industry long before pharmacy school. I was fortunate enough to discover the world of healthcare consulting agencies after obtaining my undergraduate degree from University of California at Berkeley. I majored in biochemistry and was fascinated by the mechanisms of action of different medications. Working for companies that provided deliverables for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies opened my eyes to how industry operates. I worked primarily in drug reimbursement and eventually transitioned to work full time for one of our clients in South San Francisco, Genentech, on the commercial side of the business.

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Fellows Feature
Tyler Valente, PharmD

Sanofi Head Shot 2

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Sanofi (Rutgers)

Function/Discipline: Strategic Marketing

Fellowship Years: 2016-2018

Alma Mater: St. John's University, Class of 2016

During my time at St. John’s University College of Pharmacy, I was employed by a retail pharmacy chain, as many student pharmacists are. Because of my love of communicating with people, patient counseling was always something I thoroughly enjoyed and took pride in at my hectic 24/7 store. To put this into perspective, I was selected by my university to compete nationally in the 2015 APhA-ASP National Patient Counseling Competition in California. In addition to my self-proclaimed “people skills,” I knew I had creative tendencies with a strategic mindset, and wanted to find employment that best utilized these skills. I was able to leverage my strengths to obtain marketing jobs with the CEO of a nutraceutical company and the VP of a continuing education company. These collective experiences showed me that it was possible to combine both my knowledge of health care and my desire for creativity and innovation. During my pharmacy rotations, I was fortunate enough to spend time at the FDA, Pfizer, and American Regent. At these sites, I was exposed to completely new aspects of pharmacy and built a solid foundation for understanding how the pharmaceutical industry functions. I developed an appreciation for industry, determined that this was where my skills best fit, and finally concluded that the pharmaceutical industry was the right career path for me.

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Fellows Feature
Krystal Sing, PharmD


Fellowship Sponsor Company: Regeneron

Function/Discipline: Clinical Operations, Clinical Science, Regulatory Affairs

Fellowship Years: 2016-2018

Alma Mater: University of Michigan, Class of 2016

When I first stepped foot into pharmacy school, I did not realize that the pharmaceutical industry is a viable career option for pharmacists. Then, I completed a summer internship in Clinical Science at Takeda Pharmaceuticals after my P2 year. I owe much of my current success to my mentor at Takeda, who opened my eyes to the world of clinical research and helped me solidify my plans upon graduation. At Takeda, I connected with PharmDs across different departments and learned about their function and roles. What I learned is that there is no right or one linear way to go into the pharmaceutical industry.

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Fellows Feature
Nisha Parikh, PharmD

Nisha Parikh_Headshot

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Johnson & Johnson Consumer (USciences)

Function/Discipline: Regulatory Affairs and Medical Information

Fellowship Years: 2016-2017

Alma Mater: University of the Sciences, Class of 2016

I recently graduated from a six-year Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of the Sciences with a minor in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business. Classically, I worked at a community pharmacy throughout school and was not initially aware of the career options available to me outside of the traditional retail realm. Progressing through my years as a student, I gradually began exploring these options by working at both the University of Pennsylvania, in a pharmacy laboratory to conduct research, and also Acro Pharmaceutical Services, a specialty pharmacy. I was also actively involved with several organizations on campus, including: American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Drug Information Association (DIA), and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

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Fellows Feature
Daniel Boulos, PharmD

2016 Headshot

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb (Rutgers)

Function/Discipline: Oncology Medical Science Liaison, Medical Information, Clinical Trial Operations

Fellowship Years: 2015-2017

Alma Mater: University of the Sciences, Class of 2015

Having grown up in a low-middle income family out of Jersey City, NJ, I didn’t know much about what existed in the professional world. This simple upbringing presented me with a few challenges when I started working with professionals during my P4 year. Thinking that was tough, imagine then how I felt at the ASHP midyear meeting with hundreds of suited candidates just like myself, all prepared with their binders and their interview game faces. However, what I quickly realized was that I was just as qualified as any other candidate. Moreover, if I was going to stand out, I would have to be someone that nobody else could be. Myself. Only then did I find the program that fit my personality and one whose objectives were in line with my own.

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Fellows Feature
Brian Ung, PharmD


Fellowship Sponsor Company: Celgene (Rutgers)

Function/Discipline: Health Economics Outcomes Research

Fellowship Years: 2016-2018

Alma Mater: University of Maryland-Baltimore, Class of 2016

Similar to many students starting pharmacy school, I had experience in the community pharmacy setting, some knowledge of the role of pharmacists within a hospital, but knew little else about the range of career opportunities available to pharmacists. The summer after my first year of pharmacy school, I had the opportunity to participate a National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research program which opened my eyes to research that occurred outside of traditional lab settings and exposed me to ways my pharmacy training could be utilized to understand and influence patient care at a population level. I continued to learn about ways pharmacists could affect the health of populations by participating in the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) competition and completing an AMCP/Pfizer managed care summer internship. The internship introduced me to some of the roles a pharmacist could hold within the pharmaceutical industry and solidified my decision to pursue a nontraditional pharmacy role.

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Fellows Feature
Lauren Steinbach, PharmD, MBA

Profile Picture

Fellowship Sponsor Company: Myers and Stauffer, LC

Function/Discipline: Pharmaceutical Pricing

Fellowship Years: 2016-2017

Alma Mater: Butler University, Class of 2016

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