ccc-graphics1 press releaseIndustry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) and Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) have partnered to launch a Regulatory Compliance Certificate Program customized for students pursuing an industry career, as well as graduated pharmacists looking to break into industry. The program equips PharmDs with critical knowledge about foundational government and industry requirements that impact the roles and responsibilities of industry pharmacists.

“Compliance is a top priority for the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory environment is very complex. This program covers key regulatory principles related to advertising and promotion and explains how these principles apply to the various types of product communications typically seen when working in industry,” comments IPhO consultant Leah Palmer, PharmD who was formerly Executive Director of Regulatory Promotion at Amgen.

The custom eLearning program features ten distinct modules on compliant promotional activities and scientific exchange, followed by a post-test that participants must pass to earn their certificate of achievement. Participants can also engage in interactive online games that help reinforce the regulations, guidances, and codes discussed in the coursework. Program content is reviewed for accuracy by former government officials and regulatory lawyers and updated based on material changes in regulatory policy.

“We are delighted to prepare future industry pharmacists to communicate scientifically balanced, medically accurate information that contributes to the development, commercialization, promotion, and optimal use of medicines,” states Ilyssa Levins, CCC President.

James Alexander, PharmD, IPhO Executive Director and Founder, adds that "this comprehensive certificate program is another example of how our organization is providing timely, relevant information to our members to help them advance their professional careers."

Industry Pharmacists Organization: IPhO is the only professional organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the careers of industry pharmacists by preparing them to contribute to the development, commercialization, promotion, and optimal use of medicines. The IPhO network includes over 60 student chapters, 500+ PharmD fellows training at 80 different companies, and thousands of accomplished industry pharmacists. In addition to providing unique, customized member benefits and services, IPhO raises awareness among employers and industry executives about the role that industry pharmacists play in drug development and appropriate medication use.

Center for Communication Compliance: Founded in 2008, CCC specializes in promotional compliance for life sciences with a focus on compliant and efficient innovation. CCC’s portfolio of eLearning, software and change management solutions were developed for biopharma and medical device companies, their communication agencies and non-profit associations. The company educates industry professionals on government and industry requirements; streamlines Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MLR) review through process improvements; and enhances cross-functional collaboration to drive business outcomes and manage risk. In the last ten years, CCC has launched an array of first-to-market products to address unmet needs in an increasingly complex regulatory climate. Members of the CCC Advisory Board include former government officials and compliance officers, regulatory lawyers, PharmDs, MDs, commercial veterans and behavioral experts.

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