2In July 2018, pharmacy students from across the country gathered for the National Pharmacists Association/Student National Pharmaceutical Association Conference in Charlotte, N.C. Educational services, professional training, professional development and best-health practices were discussed at the conference.

IPhO was invited to have an exhibit table at the conference to raise awareness among pharmacist and student pharmacist attendees about the opportunities for pharmacists in industry and the active roles they play. IPhO National Student Officer Mitchell Linton and IPhO Regional Student Officer Kimberly Watson (both Howard University, Class of 2019) represented IPhO at the event to help raise awareness among student pharmacists about how they can leverage their education and clinical expertise in industry to have a broad impact on healthcare.

IPhO supports NPhA/SNPhA’s mission of educating pharmacy students who are concerned about healthcare issues, including minority representation, by highlighting how pharmacists can make a difference through a career in industry.

IPhO would like to thank NPhA/SNPhA for the opportunity to exhibit and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with NPhA/SNPhA, as we collectively assist pharmacists and pharmacy students improve the healthcare system.

IPhO Booth 3

Authored by Mitchell Linton, IPhO National Student Officer, Howard University Class of 2019 and Kimberly Watson, IPhO Regional Student Officer, Howard University Class of 2019

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