As the 2017-18 fellowship year comes to a close, IPhO would like to recognize and thank its National Fellows Council (NFC) committee members, who have dedicated time and attention to making the year's initiatives incredibly successful.

Congratulations to the following committee members, who are completing their fellowships and accepting full-time industry roles.

NFC Chief
Vineeth Nair

Marketing and Social Media
Kory Gardner, Chair
Shivam Patel, Co-Chair
Kristina Traxler
Mansi Jamindar

Committee Accomplishments:
  • Increased awareness of IPhO benefits and services for Fellows, and aided in recruitment of incoming fellows
  • Developed a communication calendar to better plan for and streamline communications across committees
  • Launched and expanded MentorMatch to pair NFC members with experienced industry professionals and foster meaningful professional relationships
Professional Programming
Bridget Cloonan, Chair
Sarah McGill
Usama Aslam
Kathleen Montgomery
Gopika Unnikrishnan
Deji Oluyadi

Committee Accomplishments:
  • Hosted two live events at Midyear 2017
  • Planning the inaugural, live NFC-Kick Off event to connect members in person for enhanced networking
  • Organized and hosted multiple highly-attended, successful professional development webinars to provide fellows with valuable information such as negotiating a compensation package, making a lateral career transition, and more
Kimberly Gittings, Chair
Brian Ung, Co-Chair
Brittany Dustman
Alyssa Bowling

Committee Accomplishments:
  • Presented multiple posters at national meetings
  • Submitted comprehensive manuscripts to the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE) on the assessment of different student pharmacist competitions as well as an analysis of work-life balance among fellows participating in a fellowship program
Student Development
Sean Harrison, Chair
Alisha Ahmed
Monisha Prakash

Committee Accomplishments:
  • Expanded the IPhO VIP Case Competition to over 30 participating student chapters and recognized the top three finalists at the IPhO National Meeting
  • Produced multiple highly-successful Speaker's Bureau events, which paired experienced industry speakers with student chapters to raise awareness and knowledge of pharmacists' roles in industry

Not only did the NFC have its largest group of members to-date (over 50 during the 2017-18 year), its members have significantly enhanced the IPhO services, features, and opportunities available to all 400+ fellows nationwide. We are grateful to all outgoing and returning IPhO NFC members for their tireless support. They played, and continue to play, an instrumental role in connecting fellows nationwide through their advocacy of the value that pharmacists bring to industry.

Authored by: Zack McCormack, PharmD, Co-Chief Fellow, IPhO National Fellows Council

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