The 2017-18 IPhO Industry Fellowship Analysis has been published!

The report highlights key characteristics of all current fellowship programs, such as functional area, academic affiliation and alma mater of the fellow, and 4-year trends of these data.

There are 442 PharmDs currently participating in US-based, industry-focused postgraduate fellowships, representing +17% growth versus last year.

Below is a sneak peak into just some of the findings in the publication.

Click here to view the full report and explore additional scholarly publications, presentations, industry posters, and more.

Fellows by Functional Area

About the Author
James Alexander, PharmD
Dr. Alexander is a strong advocate for the role that pharmacists can play in the pharmaceutical industry. In his new role as Founder and Executive Director of IPhO, the first professional organization designed exclusively for industry-based pharmacists, Jim brings his distinguished experience in advocacy and professional development to support the professional careers of the growing number of industry-based pharmacists.

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