As the 2016-17 Fellowship year officially comes to an end, several IPhO National Fellows Council (NFC) members have successfully completed their industry fellowships/residencies and accepted their first full time industry positions. We recognize and congratulate them, and all the outgoing fellows, on this significant accomplishment!

Outgoing NFC Leaders

  • Alex Wei, PharmD
  • Matthew Schmidt, PharmD
  • Joyce Cao, PharmD
  • Vatche Demirjian, PharmD
  • Nicholas Heath, PharmD
  • Gediminas Pliura, PharmD
  • Alisha Couto, PharmD
  • Phil Armendi, PharmD

The 2016-17 Fellowship year has been a very successful one for the IPhO NFC. Not only has the NFC grown in its size and scope, they have significantly enhanced the services, features, and opportunities available to all 400+ fellows nationwide. Among their many accomplishments this year were:

  • Created and successfully implemented the first national industry-focused Case Competition for student pharmacists
  • Planned and executed the 4th Annual Midyear Networking Event, How to Get a Job Post-Fellowship
  • Hosted multiple webinars supporting professional development of students and fellows
  • Partnered with multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to advocate for pharmacists in the industry
  • Developed a National Speakers Bureau to support remote student chapters and pharmacy schools
  • Conducted and published research to characterize and raise awareness of all fellowship programs

We are grateful to all outgoing and returning IPhO NFC members for their tireless support and major contributions to IPhO as they have helped connect fellows of all programs nationally and advocated for the careers of fellows and industry pharmacists.

Authored by Vineeth Nair, PharmD, Co-Chief Fellow, IPhO National Fellows Council

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