We are pleased to formally introduce our 2017-18 National Student Officers (NSOs). The competition for these prestigious leadership positions gets higher every year as the number of pharmacy schools with approved IPhO Chapters has now reached 50!

These highly talented IPhO National Student Leaders are charged with the responsibility of supporting the quality of the IPhO Student Chapter Network by working closely with our chapters at the local and regional level to best utilize IPhO national programs and resources that build thriving, highly knowledgeable, and well-prepared industry communities at all pharmacy schools.

Please join us in welcoming these talented student leaders to our growing team!

2017-18 IPhO National Student Officers


Tanya Chaudhri
Chapter Network Management
University of Illinois, Class of 2018


Brian Cheng
National Professional Development
St. John’s University, Class of 2018


Landon Shupe
Chapter Development
University of Kansas, Class of 2018


Andy Szeto
Scholarly Activities
University of the Pacific, Class of 2018


Anna Tabutsadze
Professional Affairs
Midwestern University of Health Sciences, Class of 2018


Joanne Vo
Social Media and Marketing
University of the Pacific, Class of 2018

The national management team looks forward to working with each of you in your new leadership responsibilities in support of the continuing growth of IPhO.
About the Author

Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, RPh
VP Professional Development and Coaching
Industry Pharmacists Organization

About the Author
Jerry Silverman, BS Pharm, RPh
Jerry is VP Professional Development and Coaching for IPhO.

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